King of the Beasts

I read an article this evening about the differences in lion behaviour across Africa. I don’t find this particularly surprising as environments across the continent vary greatly and obviously the environment in which you live will influence your behaviour whatever creature you are. A lion’s behaviour in terms of hunting will change depending on what prey is available, the surrounding landscape for cover when hunting and its social behaviour will change depending on how many other lions (and of what sex and age) are around.

The effect of different environments on the behaviour, genetics and even morphology in some African mammals has led to their categorisation as different species. Some parties now consider there to be two subspecies of African elephant. The forest elephant which dwells in the Congo basin region and is smaller than its relation, the bush elephant, which inhabits more open landscapes.

I travelled to the KwaZulu Natal region of South Africa in the summer of 2011 and was lucky enough to witness a lion kill in the early hours of the morning and also to see a few other individuals from this amazing species during the trip. The following photos were all taken on that trip.

South Africa 2011 335

A group of two brothers and a sister. She proceeded to run down a small antelope for their breakfast, which the larger male ate his share of first, despite not working for his meal.

South Africa 2011 795

This older male was relaxing by the roadside as we were just driving past.


We spotted this female who had just killed a warthog for her cubs.

Here’s the link for the article:


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